POLICE are on the watch in Broughton after several residents’ homes were broken into. 

PCSO’s are on patrol in the streets of Broughton and Kersal after residents there reported a number of break ins to homes in the area, over the past few days.

Police are investigating the speight of break ins but to aid with community morale, extra officers have been drafted in since the start of the week, to help the community feel safe.

One Broughton resident said: “I have always been on the wary side moving to the area, much like any area so close to the city centre. A few neighbours have been broken into however which is always upsetting to hear.”

The recent first-time buyer, who doesn’t want to be named, added that he now has to keep in touch with neighbours via social media, periodically checking in on each other.

“It’s been more traumatic for some than myself but we’ve all got deterrents in place like cctv and security lights – the biggest problem is people trying to break into cars,” he added.

Last month, Greater Manchester Police reported an increase in burglaries and theft from parked cars at Oak Road, Mildred Street and Albert Park in Broughton.

The Broughton area’s impacted by thefts from cars – Google Maps

A 46-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the recent car burglary and thefts but police are still investigating the alleged break ins.

If anyone has any information regarding the crimes, they can phone the non-emergency helpline on 101.

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