Phone manufacturers Vodafone have chosen Salford to be the first place in the United Kingdom to receive a Vodafone 5G Signal. 

Vodafone became the first company in the UK to carry a full 5G signal, with live mobile data traffic being streamed over Salford.

The choice of Salford to be the first city may not be as surprising as you think though. Vodafone recently announced that they will be launching a brand new innovation centre in the heart of MediaCityUk, in a collaboration with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

Vodafone 5G will be available in Salford when 5G handsets are released in the UK
Vodafone 5G will be launching in Salford

Vodafone UK Chief Executive Nick Jeffery, said: “We are leading the roll out of 5G across the UK, starting with Greater Manchester. A further six cities – Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and London – will shortly receive full 5G too. Next year, we will bring 5G to the Scottish Highlands, Cornwall and the Lake District, among other locations.

“We have worked closely with the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, to help ensure the city is not only an economic powerhouse, but also a digital powerhouse.

That is why we are making a multi-million pound investment to offer world-class communications to Greater Manchester’s thriving media and tech community, consumers and our own 1,000 or so employees who work there.”

Once 5G handsets become available in the UK, users will be able to experience games on the go with 4K resolution, without the usual time-lag that can affect the overall experience.

For now, Media and technology companies have been invited to test out the signal and see for themselves the differences between the universally used 4G and the new Vodafone 5G signal.

This is just the second groundbreaking project that Vodafone have launched in Greater Manchester recently. Just last month, Vodafone conducted the UK’s first holographic call using 5G. The call was made from the companies Manchester office and featured Manchester City and England footballer Steph Haughton MBE.

5G headsets are expected to land in the UK next year.


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