A number of lecturers and students at the University of Salford have had hacking attempts made on their email accounts.

The realistic ‘phishing’ scam asks users to click on a link and change their passwords. 

The email seems to be from an official university source; for example, many emails claimed to be regarding work placements.

Scammers then use the passwords to access more accounts, spreading its reach further.

The University of Salford has advised anyone who has clicked on one of these links to change their password immediately.  

A spokesperson for the university said: “We are seeing several malicious emails being sent to valid University email addresses.

“Many of the emails coming through, appear very genuine with University associated subject lines and headers. If you have already clicked on the link please re-set your password immediately. 

“Please remember that our Service Desk will never ask you for your ID or Password in an email. Your bank will never ask you to confirm account details on a web page.”

The spokesperson also advised: “You should never click on a link or open an attachment that you have received if you are unsure about the content or sender of the email.” 

Students and Lecturers have been warning people about the hack on social media.

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