A team of comedians will be performing their spin on the traditional pantomime this Saturday.

ComedySportz will perform an improvised piece at the Kings Arms Pub in Salford, proving to be a surprise for both cast and audience.

Sean Mason, a member of the group since 2007, said the show will be unlike anything audiences have ever seen before.

“It is everything you can expect from a panto, your heroes and villains, but like you’ve never seen them before,” he said.

“We get what the story is going to be about from the audience. None of us know who we are going to play before we go out on to stage.

“It’s very much a unique, bespoke pantomime, so it really is a show you won’t see anywhere else.”

ComedySportz have been performing their improvisation across the UK since 2001. They are a family-friendly comedy show that sees two teams battle it out for laughs with help from the audience.

They regularly perform at The Waterside in Sale and the New Adelphi comedy night at the University of Salford.

Taking on their twist of the British favourite will be a first for the group, who will be heading on a small tour of Sale, Longridge and Salford.

“We do workshops on our shows whenever we want to come up with a new format,” said Sean.

“All pantomimes have a rough structure that everything else hangs off. From that, you can start to play about with the pieces.

“You can break the jigsaw up and move pieces around.”

People wanting to brush up on their comedy skills can visit one of their training workshops or visit any of their regular courses in stand up, sketch writing or improvisation.

Tickets for this Saturday’s performance can be purchased for £3 on the night. The performance will start at 7.30pm.

To find out more information on how to get involved with the group or their workshops, click here.

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