The common phrase of ‘a dog isn’t just for Christmas,’ has been used for so many adverts over the years to discourage the purchase of puppies as presents.

However, Salford’s very own rescue centre wants to encourage having a dog for Christmas.

Dogs4Rescue is allowing people to foster a dog just for the festive season.  Dogs4Rescue has more than 40 dogs in its care. Some of the dogs are waiting to be re-homed however, others are sanctuary dogs. The sanctuary dogs are the ones that will stay at the rescue. The dogs waiting to be re-homed can either be fostered or adopted. This can even happen over the Christmas period.

Owner Emma Billington said: “We kind of say fostering for Christmas is good as it gets families used to dogs and all the rest of it. Give a dog a home even if it’s just for Christmas. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out or it’s not the right fit.”

Image Credit: Emma Billington

Even though the rescue is run from home, the sanctuary only has a limited number of staff, so is not able to spend all of Christmas giving the dogs the love and cuddles they deserve.

Most rescues shut down over the festive season however, Dogs4Rescue has put a twist on things by offering the fostering programme so that you are able to have the joy of a dog for Christmas but you don’t have to commit.


Emma continued to say: “you can just borrow a dog and enjoy their company over Christmas while you’ve got time off. If the dog has a great Christmas we get a bit of a rest and if all 20 rescue dogs can get a home for the festivities then that’s even better.”

The dogs are sent with their own supplies and even their own Christmas dinner.

We asked 50 people whether they would foster a dog this Christmas and 68% of people said they would.

Survey completed and infographic made by Ellie Boyle

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