Eccles Rugby club are tackling prostate cancer as they have partnered up with OddBalls for their OddBobble campaign.

It was OddBalls who got in touch with the club about selling the bobble hats in aid of prostate cancer. Club secretary Mark Greenhalgh said: “It was OddBalls that approached us about the bobble hat idea and when we say what they had made specially for the club to sell we knew that it would be something that we wanted to do.”

The OddBalls foundation was set up in 2016 to try and raise awareness of testicular cancer. “Testicular Cancer is around 95% curable so early diagnosis and regular checking is important. Our aim is to fit as many ‘check yourself ‘ guides into male toilets and changing rooms across the country. This will encourage males to check themselves regularly and in doing so detect any problems early.” (OddBalls Foundation website.)

Chris Gaffey, from Eccles RFC said: “The club has been aware of OddBalls and there foundation for quite a period of time we are aware that the purpose of their foundation is to raise awareness for and raise funds for treating testicular cancer.

“And of course being a rugby club thats something that interesting to us because rugby is a game that played traditionally by men and boys so the subject of testicular cancer and the fact that men and lads don’t like to talk about these subjects and to sort of bury it and try and try to ignore it.”

He continued: “We think that the work of the oddballs foundation is very very worthwhile.”

Gaffey also said that the club have been aware of the work that OddBalls have done and this made the decision to work with them an easy one.

“We’ve been aware that oddballs have produced products for a period of time now particularly underwear and theres a lot of lads in the club that already buy and already wear them.”

The initiative has been a big success,Mark Greenhalgh said: “If we had thought it would have gone like this, we would have got more to sell.

“We won’t be able to get any more in before Christmas but it’s something that we will definitely look to in the future.”

To find out more about where you can buy an Eccles RFC OddBalls bobble hat visit their website.


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