Emily, a fitness and wellbeing coach, has brought her expertise to workplaces in the Salford area to help people get into shape through Move With Em.

Specialising in weight management classes, Move With Em has worked closely with Lady Bird Nursery in Eccles to offer bespoke fitness classes to all employees through Workplace Wellbeing sessions.

Emily said: ‘The classes help the ladies at the nursery have fun and bond together after work, but I also make sure they get a good workout in too. It’s an effective and quick way to do a group workout as they don’t even have to leave work.’



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This weeks session was taken to a whole new level 🥵🥵 After a busy day looking after all the children at Ladybird Nurseries in Winton & Eccles, Workplace Wellbeing Wednesday landed with a bang 💥 Super fast skipping 💨 & some boss burpees 🤸🏼‍♂️ Most of all some proper team work 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Great job gorgeous ladies, see you next week 💪🏼💪🏼 . . . . . . . . #training #monton #ptmonton #montonpt #worsleypt #worsley #moveinworsley #movewithiit #worsleymovement #workout #sweat #workoutatwork #jointhemovement #teamwork #workplacewellbeing #montonmovement #workoutplan #trainingplan #inspiration #montonmotivation #movewithem #weights #moveinmonton #getfit #jointhemontonmovement #fitness #wellbeing #health #nursery

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The Workplace Wellbeing sessions are designed for companies to improve effectiveness and productivity in the workplace through health fitness and wellbeing. Staff at Lady Bird Nursery have been taking part in the sessions for the past year and say that it has helped them bond as a team.

Move With Em at Ladybird Nursery

Ellie, a staff member at Lady Bird Nursery said: ‘The classes are fun, we all work out as a group after work and just have a laugh. I really enjoy it!’

Em also runs Boss Body weight management classes with a difference, as Emily acts as a personal trainer, nutrition buddy and friend offering advice and support for all her clients.

For more details or to book Workplace Wellbeing classes contact Emily through Instagram @movewithem or on her Facebook page.



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