The football world has been shook this week after the European Super League was unveiled, with six British clubs and a further six from all around Europe participating. The news has not been met with positivity.

Local clubs have shared their opinions on the move. Irlam FC play in The North West Counties Premier Division.

Warren Dodd, Irlam FC’s Club Secretary said “It’s difficult to say whether it will affect certain levels of the game. The key question for me is if it will kill ambition and aspiration for young players, and also parents and guardians who are vital in the supporting role.”

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for lower league clubs. Many are holding out hope that this move from Premier League clubs will drive fans to support their local.

“We all have our fingers crossed that this will drive more fans to enjoy the more community driven side of the game. We represent our local and wider nearby communities and give our all into developing players and the game overall.”

Non-league football is not all doom and gloom, the facilities are still at a high level.

“People who haven’t come down to Irlam FC would be amazed at the level of organisation. We play floodlit football on our own stadium, plenty of covered and standing accommodation and a brand new clubhouse which wouldn’t look out of place at a professional club. We aren’t rolling around in the mud.”

There is plenty of encouragement for fans to come experience lower league football and get involved with the club.

“Ourselves and fellow members at our level offer a first class matchday experience. Our hope is that our attendees will increase.”

One of the main pieces of discourse surrounding the European Super League is the financial aspect.

“Irlam FC need money and revenue to survive. Professional clubs use money to enhance their situation. These are different worlds… but the same game.”

Salford City’s Owners Respond

Live on Sky, one of Salford City’s owners, Gary Neville, slated the idea. This move was welcomed by football fans, many who believed that Neville ‘got it’.

Gary Neville is not the only owner of Salford City who has spoken out against the creation of the Super League. David Beckham has also spoken out via Instagram.

Local Politicians React

The news has even riled politicians. Salford and Eccles MP, Rebecca Long Bailey, shared her disgust with the news.


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