North West Sexual Violence Awareness Week vigil. Photo credit: Catholic Church England-

The University of Salford will be holding a vigil this week in solidarity with North West Sexual Violence Awareness week.

The event, which will take place outside University House and the Maxwell Building on Wednesday the 10th of November, will centre first around a virtual whiteboard outside University House, displaying people’s comments and pledges against sexual violence.

The vigil will then be ceremonially opened by The University’s Dean of Students at 5:30 pm outside the Maxwell Building, which will be illuminated in purple, a colour often associated with survivors of sexual trauma, as it symbolises dignity, pride, and success – an apt metaphor for the strength it takes to heal from this kind of traumatic events. There will also be a physical whiteboard present at the event for attendees to add their own pledges towards ending the endemic of sexual harassment and violence.

In addition, there will be speeches from university staff members and students, as well as members of the Student Union, followed by a one-minute silence to remember survivors of sexual violence.

While the Salford community does have several initiatives aimed at protecting those most vulnerable to acts of sexual violence, in particular women, events such as this have only become more important in recent weeks, following the recent rise in spiking cases in nightclubs across the country.

Throughout this week, The University of Salford will also be promoting North West Sexual Violence Awareness Week heavily, in particular promoting the avenues available for victims to report their experiences via the university’s Report & Support service.

The event will take place between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm on Wednesday the 10th of November at University House.

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