A Salford decluttering business that started just before the lockdown has managed to survive and keep on going by doing online sessions and has helped with peoples meant wellbeing.

Janine McDonald began her Salford business, Clear The Clutter Now, in February and the idea began from her own experiences of clutter affecting her mental health and wanted to help others do the same.

Mcdonald said: “”The stronger I became mentally, the more determined I was to start supporting and empowering others to gain clarity of their vision of their future by decluttering but in a fun and friendly way.”

Obviously during lockdown she couldn’t actually go into people’s home therefore, she started to do online sessions and helped people to clear their own homes.

“I love listening to people’s stories, I love hearing about the sentimentality of items and why they had been bought or received. I love seeing the weightlifting from their shoulders as, together we create a calmer environment in which to live and enjoy. I love seeing their smiles and their eyes light up with a new found confidence.

Janine McDonald founder of Salford Business Clear The Clutter Now.
CC: Janine McDonald

“Together, we don’t get rid of stuff, we pass things on for others to enjoy. I help with the decision process for donating, upcycling, recycling and repurposing items. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I give them a new lease of life and more time to do the things they enjoy the most.”

Many of her clients have given positive feedback about her continuing her business online through the pandemic and how it has helped their mental wellbeing.

With one of her clients saying: “Due to Covid, I had a facetime appointment with Janine, and she was brilliant! She really made me think about what I needed to keep and why, and what could go. For me, the fact it was virtual was a huge bonus as I suffer with anxiety over other people being hands on with my stuff, but this way I felt as if I really accomplished something. Janine’s support and encouragement is fantastic!”

Janine McDonald believes that from decluttering your home you can improve on your mental wellbeing massively as it will improve your focus on tasks, improve sleep and improve brain function.

McDonald also used the lockdown as a time to connect and network with other businesses about the positive effects of decluttering.

“I have used that time to network, connected with fellow declutterers (Scotland & Australia) via the networking group Mums in Business International to discuss working practices and we now speak on a regular basis, and undertook additional training & researched in to the positive impact decluttering has on your mental health.”

As a result of her networking Janine McDonald now has set up a Facebook Group where her and other guest speakers have just completed the Get Organised in October challenge – a short 5-10 minute declutter mission each day.

Now she is working with Lisa Jane Newman of Karlm Fundamentals delivering online workshops Bringing Calm to the Chaos – Mind, Body & Home.

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