Foundation 92

This week 16th-24th November is #iWillWeek, part of the Power of Youth Festival.

Independent charity Foundation 92 is getting their Salford youth ambassadors involved this week by delivering free essential food packages to people in our community and supporting young people and adults with special educational needs.

“For #iWillWeek, we aim to celebrate, promote and showcase the work of the young people who have been taking part within the program for the past months,” says Matt Agnew, Operations and Development manager for Foundation 92.

Delivering essential food packages around Salford

The Power of Youth festival celebrates the youth of our generation as the leaders of tomorrow. Encouraging them to learn from each other, make their voices heard, and be active in creating social change. The festival recognizes that it is time to involve young people in decisions about their lives and their futures as it cannot be done for them, without them.

“Young people are the future of our communities and it is important that they have an active influence in shaping their own future.”

Foundation 92 is the charitable partner of Salford City F.C. Founded in 2018 by the class of ‘92, they work across Salford to re-invest into the local community through football and by making an impact in the community through charity work. 

“At Foundation 92, we are here to encourage, motivate and support young people to become empowered”

During the lockdown, those wanting to get involved can gain information and support via Foundation 92. Post lockdown will see free sessions run weekly for young people to come together and engage in workshops and activities.

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