Author: Evie Jessop

FotoToad, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

“Openly sexist” – equality rights activists object to controversial Hooters chain coming to Salford Quays

Local organisations that fight against sexism and gender inequality have reacted with fury at the news that controversial restaurant chain Hooters could open at Salford Quays.

A Reindeer in a pen at a Salford Community Christmas fayre on Saturday.

“They are enslaved” – Salford Animal Rights group criticise use of reindeers in Christmas entertainment

The use of reindeers for entertainment has been described as ‘absolutely disgraceful’ by Salford Animal rights group. The group, who […]

image credit- Evangeline Jessop

“It’s always great to get the next generation involved” – What Salford community groups are doing to achieve COP26 aims

RHS and IGNITION invited community groups to help work towards a greener, more environmentally aware Salford. To mark COP26 in […]