Jailhouse rocker

Salford singer and prison officer, Pete Green, hit our TV screens at the weekend as the ‘Jailhouse Rocker’ for the hit BBC show ‘I Can See Your Voice’.

The show sees contestants try to catch out the impostor singers and take the good singers to the final, with £10,000 at stake.

The Jailhouse Rocker has always dreamed of being able to pursue music full time, so this taste of stardom has encouraged him even more. He said:

“Being on I Can See Your Voice was the best experience of my life, I’ve never been this excited in my life and so grateful to be there.

Image credit: Tom Dymond/Thames/BBC

“I’ve been trying to get that big break in the music industry for years and thanks to the show my dream has come true. Singing is so much different to working in the prison and I’ve always said I’d leave tomorrow to be a famous singer.”

Pete was the final singer on the show, meaning he was able to sing alongside former X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke performing the powerful song ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston.

“Obviously the highlight of the day was getting to do a duet with the amazing Alexandra Burke, I remember watching her on The X Factor and now I’m singing with her,” he said.

Image credit: Tom Dymond/Thames/BBC

A big contrast from the day job working in a prison, Pete’s colleagues were excited when they found out he was on the show to hear him perform.

“No one has heard me sing at work so they were so excited to find out I was on the show and couldn’t wait to hear me sing,” he said.

“Once the episode aired, I went back to work and everyone kept coming up to me saying how amazing I was. I felt like a celebrity walking around the prison.”

The reaction to Pete’s wonderful voice brought panel members, including Amanda Holden, to their feet and fans of the show shared their praises on social media.

For the Jailhouse Rocker, being in the same room with so many talented celebrities made him want to make it even more. Having performed for years, the pandemic has impacted Pete. He said: “It’s been so hard not being able to sing anywhere because of the pandemic.

“Singing to me is how I cope with everyday life and especially working in the prison, it helps me stay happy – singing is my life.”

Performing for thousands is something that the Salford-born prison officer has always dreamed of. He was even once lucky enough to meet and perform before Beverley Knight.

“Years ago I was in a duo called One Voice and we won a singing competition called The Next Big Thing. We were doing the Christmas light switch on and sang right before Beverley Knight. It was amazing to sing in front of thousands but to meet Beverley was even better as she is such a nice lady.”

Image credit: Tom Dymond/Thames/BBC

To those aspiring singers hoping to find a breakthrough themselves, Pete says: “The best advice I could give to singers starting off is to never give up on your dream and always believe in yourself. If you get knocked back it only makes you stronger and more hungry to make it.”

To find out more and follow the Jailhouse Rocker on his journey, be sure to like his Facebook Page.  Saturday’s show is available now on the BBC iPlayer.

Featured image credit: Tom Dymond/Thames/BBC

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