GAMES publishing giant have gotten in the Christmas spirit by promising to give away a free game every day for a whole month.

Sticking to the theme of an advent calendar, the game conglomerate started the first giveaway on Friday 25th and has continued to do so every day since up until Christmas.

Under the hashtag #Ubi30, celebrating not only the 30 days leading up to Christmas but also the company’s 30th birthday.

For those interested, simply sign into the Ubisoft site, don’t have an account? Make one, and you can still get involved.

The first title to come from the selection was Rayman Classic for android followed by FarCry: Blood Dragon available on PC.

Though their intentions were to surprise us each day with a new game, users of the website Reddit could not wait and opened their presents early by cracking some HTML codes to find out what games are to come.

Find their complete list here.

Though not all released are game titles, we can see from the list that on Friday 9th December, there will be a 300 title give away of all their recent releases, so even if you’re not a fan of the classics, you may want to keep 9th December free on your calendar.

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