LIBERAL Democrat candidate for Greater Manchester, Jane Brophy, has said she will fight against a hard Brexit. 

The Manchester Councillor said: “We have a big task ahead, as Brexit becomes more real, we have to work harder to ensure our link with the EU is maintained.”

The Lib Dem’s comment comes a day before the Supreme Court commenced proceedings to decide whether to overturn the High Court’s ruling that MPs should vote on Article 50.

Brophy is up against Labour candidate Andy Burnham, and Conservative representative Sean Anstee in the Manchester mayoral election on May 4 next year.

Brophy added: “As a passionate pro-European, who campaigned to remain, I was devastated by the result, but we can’t let it impact our local industries.

[pullquote]those that did vote leave did not intend to have us yanked out[/pullquote]

“Leaving the EU was not what large parts of Greater Manchester voted for and even those that did vote leave did not intend to have us yanked out without any thought or consideration for our region’s best interests.”

The Lib Dem candidate visited artists and designers at the Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Altrincham Town Hall on Sunday.

Brophy said: “It is really is fantastic to see local and independent makers like this sending a clear message; Greater Manchester is open and ready for business. And together, we will fight this hard Brexit.”

MP for Leigh, Andy Burnham, differs to his rival mayoral candidate on Brexit.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday he said: “It is time to move beyond the re-running of the referendum arguments, and accept what people voted for.

“The 700,000 people in Greater Manchester who voted to leave, many of them lifelong Labour voters, voted for change on immigration, I am quite clear about that.”

He also lashed out at ‘remainers’ by saying: “I don’t want to hear that places like Leigh that voted to leave are in anyway xenophobic or racist.

“Free movement has arguably provided better benefits to large companies than it has to the most deprived communities.

“There is nothing socialist about a system of open borders that allows multinationals to treat people like commodities to drive down labour costs.”

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