salford prize draw

A Salford couple is hosting a prize draw to win their renovated £250,000 home and car for just £2 a ticket.

Gemma and Anthony Reid from Salford originally put the house up for sale back in March a week before lockdown restrictions were enforced in the UK.

This caused a series of low offers due to the predictions that the housing market would crash.

Gemma 37, said: “We had a serious buyer and she pulled out last minute, we’d seen another house who’d successfully raffled their house off in six weeks.

“We just thought what an amazing opportunity we get out what we need and it gives someone the opportunity to be mortgage-free and get on the property ladder.”

The couple is hoping the prize draw will fund their dream move from Salford to Brisbane, Australia, and provide a better life for their son Max who is four years old.

Gemma says it has always been a dream of hers to move to Australia where her brother immigrated to over 20 years ago.

The official move was influenced by Anthony’s late mother. She encouraged the couple to just sell the house and go to Australia as her dying wish.

Despite being widely known as a ‘raffle’ it has to be known as a ‘prize draw’ for legal reasons.

Those wanting to enter can purchase as many tickets as they’d like for just £2 each.

You just need to answer one question on the site before you can enter “Which of these countries is home to the kangaroo?”

Take a look at the property you could be in with a chance of winning below:

The £250,000 property up for grabs. Image Credit: Gemma Reid.

There are 200,000 tickets up for grabs meaning the raffle sale could make a massive £400,000.

Raffall will take 10% of the final sales and the remaining amount will go to Gemma and Anthony who will cover the prize winner’s legal house buying fees.

However, if sales fall short of the £400,000 goal the couple will still let the home go and settle for a reduced profit.

Gemma told us a bit more about how to enter the prize draw:

The prize draw began on September 7th and will close on January 30th 2021 so there is still plenty of time to enter and potentially bag yourself a new house and VW Polo car!

To enter head to or to @oakhouseraffle on Facebook and Instagram.

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