“We all want to be proud of where we live,” says Salford resident and Quay candidate who has organised a community litter pick to clean up the Quays.

Inspired by the Salford Litter Heroes and another resident, Phil Tresadern, 40, is dedicated to organising monthly litter pick up to keep his home clean.

© Phil Tresadern

“Because many facilities have been closed during lockdown, the Quays has attracted a lot more people and littering has got noticeably worse,” he said explaining his motivation for the clean-up.

While Covid and lockdown have worsened the litter in the area, Mr Tresadern noted that it’s also made the community more willing to help out. “[The community] have been really glad of the chance to do something productive outdoors when the lockdown eased.”

“The litter picks have been one way for the community to come together, safely, and do something really positive for the area while meeting new people who care about the environment,” Mr Tresadern said showing that the event is not just for the environment but to keep people connected.

40 bags of litter and over 15kg of scrap metal were collected by residents during the April 2021 organised clean up.

When tackling the problem of littering, Mr Tresadern said the responsibility should fall upon the individual as well as landowners to be mindful and keep the area clean. However, ‘a few extra bins’ in public areas would also help the situation.

In April 2021, Salford Council have rolled out a smart bin trail within Salford Quays and Ordsall. The bins are twice the size of the bins being replaced and are fitted with sensors that monitor how full they are, to ensure a timely response.

“Salford is right to be proud of the Quays, and we want it to stay that way,” that’s why there will be monthly community clean-ups organised via Salford Quays Community Forum on Facebook.

The full list of candidates for the Salford elections can be found here.

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