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Salford outdoor experts, Walk the Plank, opened the doors to their creative workshop for the first time in over a year to eco-savvy Salford residents.

Their free-to-attend, ‘What a Load of Rubbish’ event focused on recycling rubbish, turning bottle lids into decorations, and minimising food waste.

Walk the Plank's recycling events. Credit: Harriet Heywood

Walk the Plank’s Salford producer Ben said: “Recycling and the environment is something we are thinking about more and more and particularly because we work outside.

“We have always been very conscious of things that are happening, and this is a really good way of just drawing people’s attention in a bit of a creative way.”

Walk the Plank’s reason for hosting the event are also very personal. They are located on Cobden Street, it is in an area dominated by rubbish, with a recycling centre, waste management, skip lorries, and fly-tipping. which is why the event put such so much focus on the environment. Salford residents have already been organising their own environmental initiatives within the community, and this event is further proof that businesses are now getting involved too.

The many activities provided at the event included a climate change myth buster, the Magpie Puppet collector, and two time-travellers.

Walk the Plank's recycling events. Credit: Harriet Heywood
Credit: Harriet Heywood

Coalesce Dance Director Fern said: “We are performing ‘The Old Green Time Machine’ to tell a story of two-time travellers who came back to save the planet from plastic and pollution destruction.”

The creators of the Thank You Manchester culture events also attended, showing attendees how to create suits and dresses out of tin cans.

This was East Salford’s fourth ‘fun palace’ that aimed to put the community at the heart of culture and open the doors to the people of Salford to learn, dance, create or even try some new foods.

Walk the Plank's recycling events. Credit: Harriet Heywood
Credit: Harriet Heywood

Herstory Salford provided food from chicken kebabs, fish tikka kebabs, chickpea curry, roti’s, chicken curry and more.

For more information on any of Walk the Plank’s recycling events in the future, check out their website.


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