A project based in Eccles will introduce elderly members of the Pakistani community to the basics of using their smartphones. 

The project, known as TEK Eagles, is run by Alchemy Arts, a Salford non-profit organisation.

One of the main initiatives for the project is to help elderly members of certain BAME communities gain access to GP services online.

CEO of Alchemy Arts, Adil Mohammed Javed, said: “The project is for the BAME community in general, so the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community.

“But this project will have a particular focus of the Yemenis, Arab and the South Asian Pakistani community of Eccles.

“The reason for this is because through our research about previous projects, the health inequalities in these communities are quite high, so we wanted to raise awareness of that.

“This project is about making it easier to have access to GP services, whether it’s booking an appointment with their GP and how they would do that through their smartphones or getting them signed up through their GP app.”

Adil said: “The reason why TEK Eagles first started off really was because I noticed that as the influx of technology was increasing the dependency on technology was also increasing and a lot of the community felt as though they were being left behind.”

Image of Previous TEK Eagles Project in Crumpsall

“A lot of older people have access to a smartphone, but they don’t really know how to use it, they’re afraid of getting scammed online through putting their bank details in or giving personal information away.”

The project is aimed at people over the age of 50 however Alchemy Arts are open to intergenerational support in case anyone younger would like to volunteer and demonstrate their digital skills.

Alchemy Arts are further looking to employ people from the local community in Eccles who know the local area and can speak the community’s languages.



Adil added: “It will empower those project leaders to give back to the community.”

Alchemy Arts are currently looking for a venue in Eccles and are open to any offers and suggestions. A specific date in May for the project has not yet been confirmed.

Find out more about TEK Eagles Projects here: TEK Eagles – Alchemy Arts

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