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Little Tots Toy Library is having a post-Christmas clearout in time for its 25th anniversary – so could have some bargains for sale as well as to borrow.

The toy library at Langworthy Cornerstone Community Centre in the Children’s Centre stocks a variety of toys for kids from birth to school years to borrow.

Parents and carers can borrow toys for a low cost, with three small toys for £1 and one big toy for £3. A monthly payment of £1 also gives parents and carers the opportunity to visit the library as many times as they want.

More than 130 families use the service a month, and the library’s mission statement is to continuously support these families in the area.

Image credit: Zaynah Esat

Raneem Qwasmeh, who has been operating the Toy Library for a year, said: “It’s good for the people who have low incomes, so they don’t have to buy toys for high prices.

“Children just play with toys for a little bit and they get bored after, so it’s nice that they get the opportunity to select from a variety. It’s just good for anyone really.”

Image credit: Zaynah Esat

Although the toys are only borrowed and not sold, there is still a chance to buy the toys that the library no longer needs. They are always clearing out toys and collecting new toys, and at this time of year particularly, the centre receives a lot of toy donations from people going through their end of year declutter.

A variety of toys may be put up for sale in time for Christmas, for anyone on the hunt for a Christmas gift for a family member or friend.

Raneem Qwasmeh speaks on the benefits that the toy library has brought to Salford’s local community:


She feels that she has helped the centre greatly with her passion and dedication.

She said: “I started as a volunteer and then I became the Toy Library worker. I didn’t think that I would be working here and I didn’t think I would be given this amazing opportunity.

“I fell in love with it really quickly, it’s just great.”

If you would like to borrow or donate any toys, be sure to visit the centre.

If you would like to join in to help Salford’s local community and volunteer, contact 07962438314.

If you would like to keep up to date with any special offers and events or get involved, contact 0161 212 4480 or visit their facebook page.

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    i helped set this group up many years ago

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