Mark Fellows, 38, the man accused of killing Salford gangland figure Paul Massey, was found guilty of his murder at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday.

Hitman Fellows, nicknamed the Iceman, was also found guilty of murdering Liverpool man John Kinsella, in a shooting similar to Massey’s.

Fellows gunned down Massey outside his home in Salford back in 2015, using an Uzi machine gun to kill the 55-year-old father of five.

Poilce at the scene in Manchester Road, Salford, after businessman Paul Massey was shot dead at his house. Mark Fellows, 38, has been found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court of the murders of Paul Massey and mob enforcer, John Kinsella.

Massey was an extremely well known figure in Salford, having played a big part in Salford’s notorious gangland and underworld scene. Massey had since been seen to have changed his ways in life though, even running for Salford Mayor back in 2012.

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The killing of Massey came just three years prior to the shooting of Liverpool mob fixer John Kinsella.

Fellows, and associate Steven Boyle, 36, were both found guilty of murdering Kinsella in May last year. The Liverpool mob fixer, once the helper of footballer Steven Gerrard, was shot in “cold blooded” fashion whilst out walking his dogs in Liverpool.

Fellows was convicted of both murders on Wednesday following an eight-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

On both occasions his co-accused and “brother in arms” Steven Boyle, 36, had allegedly acted as spotter to ensure the planned victims were in place and to act as back-up.

Boyle was cleared of involvement in the murder of Massey but convicted of the murder of Kinsella. Both were cleared of the attempted murder of Wendy Owen, John Kinsella’s wife.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Davis said: “Whatever the background of Mr Kinsella and Mr Massey, the impact on their families of their murders have been devastating.

“This was execution, pure and simple.”

Both men were cleared of the attempted murder of Wendy Owen, who flew at the gunman before retreating as she came under fire.

Before he was led away, Fellows shouted from the dock: “I didn’t shoot at Wendy Owen. She’s lying.”

A member of Kinsella’s family, believed to be one of his sisters, screamed from the public gallery: “Rat! Rat!” before the judge asked her to leave court.

The judge described Fellows as a contract killer, a “gun for hire, prepared to kill whoever you were asked to kill”.

He added: “I have never had to deal with a contract killer of your kind before. There are few judges who have. Just punishment in your case requires you to be kept in prison for the rest of your life.”

Both men are due for sentencing later this morning.

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