Salford Pride

Salford Pride will host an online event to commemorate Trans Remembrance Day 2020. 

On Friday 20 November Salford Pride’s event: TDOR: Embrace & Empower will go live from 6pm on YouTube and Facebook.

The virtual event will celebrate the trans community and honour trans lives that have been lost. Music, poetry, drag and dance will be performed by a variety of non-binary and gender non-conforming artists. A digital vigil will also take place to pay respects to the 350 trans people murdered this year, and those who took their own lives due to transphobia.

Proud trans black woman and youtuber Alexis Meshida (@Alexis’sWorld) is set to host the event.

TDoR: Embrace & Empower will see performances from transmasculine and non-binary musician HUSK, known for 80’s synth and fresh left field Pop, dubbed as ‘pretty darn good’ by BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson. James Fox Neville, a spoken word artist will perform a piece inspired by the messiness and intensity of life. As well as music from Sissy Punk and more!

HUSK said:

“Its super important to mark TDoR with events like this, because we can’t shy away from the reality of the abhorrent discrimination trans people experience, which results in physical abuse and even the murder of us, and cis people need to see this too.

“By platforming trans, nb & gnc artists and allowing us to perform our truth, this gives some empowerment; without empowerment in our visibility, there is no liberation. We need to keep fighting, and we need to keep the conversation going. We need to make it safe for trans people.”

The digital vigil is going to be accompanied by a powerful spoken word piece from Grace Oni Smith, a Jewish trans woman, that reflects on the past year in particular, and how allies must use their privilege to ‘scream for’ and ‘advocate for’ trans people.

Salford Pride said:

“TDOR: Embrace & Empower will also bring attention to transgender hate crimes nationally and globally, as well as reflecting on lives lost to transgender hate crimes. Through spoken word, music and visual performances, our range of diverse and talented performers will commemorate these lives lost, whilst also empowering our amazing trans community and celebrating their resilience.”

The event is open for anyone to tune in and will take place from 6-8pm.

To watch via Facebook click here

Or YouTube click here

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