Davardi’s Pizza Bar, in Walkden, is offering free food on Sunday evenings for those who are currently struggling to make ends meet.

Tom Lindley, Davardi’s owner said: “About six weeks ago, I put a video on Facebook about doing free food for people that are struggling, that may have lost a job, financially struggling because of the pandemic.

“They didn’t have to give us a reason why, there was no questions.”

Davardi’s Pizza Bar Image credit – Tom Lindley

The video received more than 200 shares on Facebook alone and since then, the family have decided to carry on delivering free pizzas on a Sunday evening, including to staff at St Ann’s Hospice.

He continued: “I’m going to keep it going for a while yeah, so definitely until the pandemic is over. I wouldn’t feel comfortable stopping it now.

“Because of what’s happened, because of how many people and families have been affected, I just thought, because I’ve got a young family, how I would feel, if I couldn’t provide for them, it’d be awful.”

Tom’s generosity does not stop there. When the restaurant has left over food, he drives to find homeless people and gives them free food.

Davardi’s has also partnered up with the Wood Street Mission a children’s charity that helps children and families living in poverty in Manchester and Salford.


Davardi’s advertised on all platforms, to ask people if they would donate toys for the children which will all go to deserving homes.

Davardi’s Pizza Bar has operated in Walkden since 1971.

Tom and his family, who took the business on in 2007, do not yet know how they’ll celebrate the shop’s 50th anniversary next year.

Tom said: “A lot of people like coming in, because it’s a bring your own beer place and it’s just simple, you can come in jeans and a T-shirt, eat food and it’s nice and cheap.”

Over the years running the business, the Lindleys have come to realise that Walkden likes Davardi’s just how it’s always been.

Tom said: “We have a huge customer base because generations of families come here.

“Because it’s been open for so long, I feel like the local community invested as a part ownership of it.”

Davardi’s Pizza Bar can be found on the website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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