Eccles community art gallery have opened a brand-new exhibition of artwork this weekend.

The gallery is run by volunteers and provides a well-needed space for Salford creatives to showcase their work.

Contributors across Salford have created pieces of art for the new show that will open to the public each Saturday at 10am from Saturday 16th of October.

The community will be welcomed free of charge, with the chance to purchase some of their favourite pieces to take home.

Elaine McCann, a volunteer at Eccles community art gallery said: “All artists are free to submit work in any media and of any genre to us with a view to exhibiting it – we don’t give them limits within which to work, i.e. a theme for the exhibitions.

“The Gallery is a part of our community, providing a service to it- and enjoyment to us all, artists, craftspeople, volunteers and the public. I suppose that’s why we all do it!”

Both artwork and craftwork will be featured in the exhibition, created by craftspeople familiar and new to the gallery.

Christine Scott is a regular contributor to the gallery’s exhibitions and was eager to be featured in the display this time around.

She wrote on Facebook: “It’s great to be back!”

The showcases that Eccles community art gallery have put together have allowed the people of Salford that discovered a love of art during lockdown to share some of their creations among the locals.

Audrey Pollitt is a local artist that has been involved with the gallery for over 10 years, and has contributed to the latest exhibition with some of her own artwork.


Permission to use this photograph received from Audrey Pollitt, who took it.


She said: “Over the years my life got in the way and it was only after I had been widowed, I was able to have a go and by this time I was 71.

“It was Karen Illingworth who gave me the confidence to show my work and I have been involved [with the gallery] ever since.

“I am now 85 and my art has kept me focused during lockdown, so I was eager to get back at the gallery and meet my old friends.”

The gallery plans to add more opening days and increase their hours soon, to extend the exhibitions availability and allow for more visitors.

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